Mitchell DeSimone

Mitchell DeSimone began Irish dancing at the age of 12 at the Millennium School of Irish Dance, and spent most of his competitive career dancing with Kevin Broesler of the Broesler School of Irish Dance. Mitchell has performed with Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance and Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games on Broadway and in over ten countries worldwide, as well as touring the United States and Canada with many independent dance shows. Mitchell retired from competitive Irish Dance as a four-time New England Regional Champion of Irish Dance and ranked among the top ten dancers in the world, he was named the ‘Best Role Model’ by Irish Dance and Culture Magazine, and now enjoys performing and teaching Irish Dance around the world. He founded Mitchell DeSimone Irish Dance Workshops, LLC and travels across the United States working with Irish dancers and dance schools to improve performance, development and enjoyment through dance instruction and mental coaching. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Sports Psychology, specializing in Irish Dance, and integrates techniques from his studies into his workshops.
Mitchell's strong background in classical ballet and music combine with his formal education and years of experience working in elementary, middle and high schools to create a dynamic that is unique among Irish Dance programs. With the addition of his recent training in Sport Psychology, Mitchell strives to work with each individual student to create an environment in which he or she can take control of his or her own growth, development and eventually success. Students are expected to give an exceptional amount of effort during workshops, and when they become fully engaged, the results are often nothing short of inspiring.


Once an abused stray, Sal was adopted by Mitchell in 2016. Since then, Sal has become a service dog and works with Mitchell when he is home from workshops and tours.
Currently, Sal is training to become part of the ever growing workshop dynamic. He has discovered a love for children, of whom he was once terrified, and is slowly learning to accept Irish Dance (though hard shoe is still sometimes a struggle). Sal is working on behaviors that will help students cope with the natural stresses of workshop participation, aid in reinforcement and motivation, and help Mitchell to develop trust and an otherwise facilitative relationship with students.
Look for Sal to start attending select workshops in 2018 or 2019! If your school would like to include Sal in your workshop as part of his training, please contact Mitchell for more information!


There is nothing like a fresh perspective (not to mention Mitch's no-excuses approach) to inject more self-awareness, drive, and inspiration into our dancers. Mitch...never makes any dancer feel any less important than any other. As a teacher, I can't thank him enough for that. It's great to see even a beginning dancer realize that Mitch is really there for him or her.
-Kathy T
Mitchell DeSimone is the right mix of tough and fun. His extensive background in competition and performance motivates the most diverse groups. I couldn't recommend him more as a workshop instructor.
-Colleen K
[Mitchell] set his expectations high and pushed our dancers to learn and do what they are capable of. He helped them to understand that they have to work hard and put the time and effort in if they want to achieve their goals and get results. Mr. DeSimone is extremely knowledgeable, articulate, and works well with kids.
-Casey O
Flexibility is very important to me when I hire someone to come and do a workshop and I found Mitch to be just that. I was also concerned about pricing...but Mitch was clear and happy to accommodate my needs.
-Gina D
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