Competitive Workshops

Work with Mitchell to customize a workshop program specifically tailored to your needs. A balance of general dance classes and Mitchell's unique Focus Classes will ensure dancers get a firm understanding of the principles of Irish Dancing techniques and are able to apply them correctly and effectively to their competitive dancing.

During competitive workshops, Mitchell works with students to help set goals and develop a plan for his or her success in the near and distant future. Mitchell teaches students how to take action to make their dreams possibilities, and strives to demonstrate the work ethic that allows dreamers to become champions.

The incorporation of Focus Classes allows Mitchell to work with each student to develop the foundation for strong technique in a way that time often does not allow during normal dance classes. Exercises are provided and students work to incorporate sound technique into their routines to prevent injury and improve performance.

By incorporating ever evolving teaching strategies into dance classes, students remain engaged and motivated to learn and improve. Contact Mitchell for more information about how this unique program can be put to work for you.

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