Mental Coaching

Available at workshops, in person, via telephone or Skype, Mitchell offers a unique opportunity to Irish Dancers to receive one on one or group mental coaching. Mental coaching is designed to help guide the development of both amateur and professional dancers during general practice, prior to and during difficult or otherwise stressful experiences.

Mental coaching sessions can be booked with Mitchell at any time during or outside of workshops, and are open to all athletes regardless of dance school or sport. Mental coaching can help athletes develop and execute a plan for their personal growth and success in sport and life, manage stress and anxiety and work productively through difficult situations including injury recovery, competition, performance, practice, and more.


Group mental coaching sessions are typically held during workshops, however they can also be booked at any time so long as the entire group is present for each meeting. These groups typically focus on team or performance group cohesion and collaboration but can address any group related issue. 


Contact Mitchell for more information or with any inquiries about mental coaching. Sessions can often be booked as early as same or next day if necessary.

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